WordPress vs Shopify

WordPress vs Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web application specifically designed to allow merchants to build and launch their own online store. By using templates, it allows users without design knowledge to create a store themselves, without coding. Shopify is also a hosted solution, meaning everything runs on Shopify’s servers. They charge a monthly fee to keep your website on the web. They are a software as a service (Saas) tool – you do not own a copy of the software, so you are charged a monthly fee to use it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress offers two different versions: Hosted WordPress and Self-hosted WordPress.

Hosted WordPress is similar to Shopify in that it is a software as a service tool. You will pay a monthly fee to gain access to a broad range of features that enable you to build and maintain your website.

Self-hosted WordPress is a piece of software downloaded from wordpress.org and then installed on your own web server. It is open-source, which means that the code behind it is readily available and can be easily edited. It is an extremely flexible tool, with hundreds of plugins, that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any website design project. To install WordPress on your server is free, however, there are hosting costs, domain registration and possible plugin costs.

Know The Facts:

WordPress is significantly safer when it comes to longevity. There are over 65 million WordPress sites on the web, only 600,000 Shopify stores

When you choose Shopify, you are given a set of templates that you can customize to meet your business needs. WordPress also offers a huge amount of templates that are easily customizable, however, you can build a website completely from scratch or semi-custom. With the flexibility of WordPress, you will NEVER see two of the same site. Your website will always be unique.

If you use WordPress, what you put on your site is entirely up to you. Shopify, however, has the ability to remove content or even your entire site if it conflicts with their acceptable use policies.

At Falco Design, we prefer WordPress because it gives you the freedom and flexibility to design a website that suits you and your business. They offer a countless amount of plug-ins, giving you the ability to add almost any type of functionality and focus on UI and UX design. Once we complete development, you have complete ownership over your entire site.

Kick the templates to the curb! Call Falco Design to get started on your new, custom website.

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