Website templates have been dominating the web scene today. Many businesses jump at the opportunity to use them because they are affordable and straightforward. However, they have their limitations and are ultimately a bad idea.

1. They are not flexible
It is impossible to get creative when using a template. Sure, you can easily add images and text, but that is hardly a customization feature. If you are looking for unique layouts and functionality, stay away from templates. A website based on a template will never be unique, and with the number of websites competing for attention, your site should not look like everyone else’s.

2. They often hide issues under the surface
Templates can look amazing on the surface, but once you get into their code, you’ll see some serious problems. Many self-build templates offer additional features and customization for additional fees and even charge for connecting the website to the domain. That is just not fair.

8 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Use A Web Design Template

3. They are cheap
Of course, this is their main selling point, but remember, you get what you pay for. Your website serves as your first impression to consumers; using a template will trigger an adverse reaction, especially if made cheaply.

4. Users recognize them
Template providers use a ton of advertising. With their generic titles and horribly designed navigation, these features are distinctive enough, so visitors know that you didn’t invest in a custom design and chose an unprofessional solution. Website templates suggest a lack of creativity and laziness – because of this, brand image can suffer.

5. They’re often not responsive
Mobile web usage is growing today and actually surpasses desktop usage. 80% of internet users own a smartphone today. Using a template, you risk losing with competition on the mobile scene.

6. They are not unique
By choosing a popular template, you will find thousands of websites that look remarkably similar. That is not a method for standing out on the market.

7. They resist change
Building a website on a system created by someone else is a sure way to lock yourself out of changing technologies. Usually, you do not even own your website when you choose to use a template company and will end up having to start from scratch when industry standards and trends change.

8. SEO might become a problem
There is no guarantee that the template being used will positively impact the website’s search rank. Many designers never think about SEO when putting together pre-made templates.

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