What Makes a Great Logo?

It is easy today to find people who call themselves designers and offer logo design at a cheap rate. But, do they really know what makes a great logo design? Here are some fundamental design principles that will point you in the right direction:


The most important aspect and one that is too often forgotten. Detailed illustrations, tacky effects and outlandish colors are just a few of the mistakes made by an amateur designer. You are going to encounter times where your logo needs to be printed at a minuscule size, that 12-color elephant playing the piano logo will be pretty useless. “Keep it simple, stupid”


Does your logo speak to your target audience? Your logo should make one think of the product or service being offered, it should inspire people to make a purchase and most importantly be memorable.


Remember when your logo was only printed on a company letterhead? Today, a great logo will be suitable for print, web, t-shirts, magnets, etc. The best designer will provide all of the files and instruction necessary to keep your logo legible and memorable on all platforms.


“Trends come and go but a great logo will stand the test of time”. The CN railway logo stays away from generational styles, which is why it hasn’t changed since the 60s. Don’t be stuck having to rebrand every 3 years and keep it simple.


There is a good chance a logo that is hard to look at was created without keeping geometry in mind. Everything can be broken down into basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles and your logo should too!


The success of your logo relies on its uniqueness. A great logo design can still fail if there is no creativity behind it. Keep it simple and unique and your customers will find your brand hard to forget.

Invest in a professional logo and start making memorable connections with your future customers!

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