Simple Rules For Giving Great Design Feedback

The best designers seek your feedback as an important part of the design process. Good design is not an accident. It is the result of close collaboration. Here are some tips to help you provide potent feedback:

Be Specific

Your designer should not have to guess what you like and don’t like and will better understand your clear directions. For instance, if the design is using a color you don’t think is effective, say exactly that.

Present Your Problem and Allow the Designer to Solve it

You hired a designer for expertise that will be used to resolve your concerns once they are clearly understood. Don’t hesitate to suggest, but be sure to listen to your designer’s advice.

Provide Samples

You may not speak design terminology, which could make it difficult for you to express your needs. Provide samples that illustrate what you want. Visual reference will help your designer more readily comprehend the goals of the project.

Positive Feedback Matters

Feedback is the opportunity to make necessary corrections but it is equally important to state when something is working. Your designer deserves to hear that your goals are being met and your appreciation will foster a healthy relationship.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You create a dialogue by asking pertinent questions. Your designer will appreciate that you are invested in the process. Ask about anything that causes confusion and provide an opportunity for your designer to explain it. Direct and honest criticism is effective communication.