Website redesign is our specialty! We take care of everything that accompanies. Whether e-commerce, validation or corporate, new or old, we will make the redesign process as fast and painless as possible.

When is it time for a website redesign?
– Your site is outdated and not mobile responsive
– Your bounce rate is high, or you have no website traffic at all
– Your site is slow, taking longer than 3 seconds to load
– You are unhappy with your website when compared to competition
– You need a revamp!
– Your site is unorganized and difficult to manage

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN – Visual design is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a website redesign. While the visual experience is essential, your new site should not only look great but function better as well. We prioritize navigation and functionality anytime we redesign a website to improve click-through rate, speed, and conversions significantly.

RESPONSIVE – According to Google, 79% of users who cannot easily navigate on a mobile site will leave to find what they need elsewhere. At Falco Design, we will redesign and redevelop your new, custom site to be responsive across all devices and browsers.

SEO – Before we begin your redesign, our team will strategize based on analytics, bounce rate, click through rate and exit pages to ensure your rankings and SEO performance don’t take a negative hit. As we develop your site, we will construct a plan to include well-crafted content that is relevant and speaks to your audience.

EASY TO MAINTAIN – Content is one of the essential components of your website. It should be informative, current and establish your company as an industry leader. Our talented developers will build your new site on a content management system that is flexible, customizable and easy to edit, update and maintain, all on your own.

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