Practice Safe Design; Use a Concept!

The Importance Of Concept Design

A graphic designers’ main job is to create visual concepts that inspire, inform and captivate customers. Their primary focus is making whoever they are designing for easily recognizable.

In order to achieve this, they must not forget to use a concept, because if they don’t, you might be paying for something you never wanted in the first place…

During the early stage of conceptual design, graphic designers promptly explore and refine ideas by researching, collaborating and brainstorming to develop a wide range of designs. Once all designs have been considered and evaluated, a final design will be chosen.

During this time, it does not matter how the millions of ideas that are generated by a company’s creative minds are captured. Whether it is white board, paper or electronic brainstorming, it is extremely important and should not be forgotten!! The concept phase of design is when the most innovative ideas are generated and filtered through different perspectives. It is when the final product requirements and goals are clearly identified to assure they are met.

So, please, use a concept. You do not want to be surprised with something you did not expect.

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