Move From The ‘Before’, To The ‘After’ State

Messy? Old-fashioned? Boring? There are so many reasons why you may be thinking of redesigning your print communications. You all know how we feel here at Falco Design about print – It is not dead and it is more important than ever in a world saturated with Google Ads and website banner ads. So, if you are feeling less than confident about the current state of your designs, it is time for something fresh and new. Redesign is not a quick process, but it is not a difficult one if you partner with a designer that is reliable and understands your business needs.

There are multiple layers to consider when taking the initial steps towards a redesign. You must research your target audience (are you resonating with them?) and analyze the personality, message and expectations your piece evokes. It is easy to look at a before and after image and decide you want to be like the ‘after’. However, have you clearly defined your reasons?

• Is your catalog looking dated compared to its competition? (This will force you to take a good look at yourself, which is an important thing).

• Are you embarrassed to show a stranger your brochure and feel that you need to explain your product or service to them?

• Are you missing our on solid leads because your marketing efforts fail to capture their attention?

You may have answered yes to all of these question, you may have answered no, but, either way it is 2019. If you have a product catalog from the Stone Age, it’s time for an upgrade! If you solely rely on digital communications, it’s time for an upgrade! A person is much more inclined to hold onto and look back at a direct mail piece than an email. It connects with them on a more personal level because they are able to touch and feel it.

We have redesigned All State Legal’s catalog for years based on response rate and change in trends. We’ve also design all of their direct mail campaigns, experimenting with color, text, placement and even paper stock.

It is time to leave a lasting impression in the hands of your current and future customers!

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