Important Questions to Ask Your Web Designer When Your Site is Ready

Your website is ready. Discuss the following with your designer:

What tasks might be needed to keep the site running at full capacity?

Does your site contain plugins or widgets that may expire?

Are there any renewal fees?

Ask your designer to submit this information in writing and keep that for reference.

Do you provide marketing support services?

Your new site might need SEO, social media and other tactics to foster a response.

Does your designer offer these services?

How can I measure the effectiveness of my website?

To engage the effectiveness of your website measurable objectives are essential.

Your designer may be able to add methods you have not considered and be able to educate you in analytics and user data.

When might the website need to be updated?

That time frame will be dependent upon your industry and setting a target date for redesign will help you keep track of new developments.

Your designer could have enough experience to estimate a target date.