I’ll Be Bold And Say – You’re Just My Type

Creative flair and artistic talent are undeniably important qualities for a graphic designer to possess. When looking for a designer, it is important to recognize if they are willing to develop a close working relationship with you. Keep reading for tips on creating a solid client-designer relationship.

1. The client’s needs form the basis of the relationship.

The ultimate goal when creating a design for a specific client is not to produce the best possible design. It is to create the best possible design that meets the client’s needs. Usually, but not always, the two will be the same. Instead of jumping head first and hoping to sell a concept or service, the designer should start by asking questions to develop a clear picture of what the client wants and why, what their goals are and what is expected of them as their designer.

2. “No” is necessary.

Many people do not like hearing the word ‘no’, but there are times when it is necessary. If a designer cannot deliver the product that a client wants, if they are unable to complete the project by the due date or if the budget does not match the amount of work required, they should simply say no. Always remain polite and professional though it may be disappointing. Honesty is always respected.

3. Careful communication.

None of us are mind readers, making it crucial to make every effort to communicate clearly and carefully. Ask questions and seek clarifications on any important concepts and missing information. Not everyone understands design jargon, so it is important for a graphic designer to read between the lines when discussing a client’s needs.

4. Keep promises.

Doing what you promise is crucial to building successful relationships. When a graphic designer fails to deliver what is promised it is pretty unlikely for their client to recommend them to anyone else and will likely never work with them again. As a professional, your designer should always provide quality work and respect budgets and deadlines. There is nothing wrong with admitting a mistake.

5. Handle professional criticism.

When selling graphic design services, being able to handle and accept criticism is extremely important. There is not one business professional that is openly willing to work with a sensitive artist with a fragile ego that cannot learn from critical reviews of their work.

Graphic designers and their clients need to approach their working relationship with a positive attitude. At Falco Design, we take our relationships with each one of our clients, new and old, very seriously. We work hard to become part of the team, not just an outside source, and we promise to always give that personal touch.

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