Grumpy Cat Brand Purrrfection

Just a few months after having her photo first posted to Reddit, Grumpy Cat transformed into a full-fledged celebrity and of course, a profitable brand. She has been seen in the Wall Street Journal, on the cover of New York Magazine and is the face of Friskies. Her estimated net worth? Over $1 million and growing (getting paypurr).

Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tartar Sauce, has 2.4 million Instagram followers, 1.49 million Twitter followers and over 8 million friends on Facebook. (Feline jealous yet?) Friskies certainly was. With a significantly smaller social media following, it’s no wonder they wanted to get their hands on this furry celeb.

Since Tartar Sauce’s debut on Reddit, the Grumpy Cat brand has ground into a multi million dollar corporation. There is Grumpy cat apparel, calendars and mugs. There’s Grumpuccino, the Grumpy Cat book and a movie deal.

What is most remarkable about Grumpy Cat is how her team transformed a simple meme into a well-established, world-wide brand. Her management utilized social media as a networking platform, reaching the screens of millions of people.

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