Falco Design: Behind The Scenes

Every morning I wake up, walk my dog, make my coffee and feed us both. It’s my process, we all have one! It is completely normal for a graphic designer to have their own process when taking on new clients or projects. It helps both designer and client keep track of progress to assure a final product on time and on budget.

Our design process begins with a free consultation. We like to call it a discovery meeting because we are literally discovering all the things that make you (and your business), you. All of our projects, large and small, begin with a discovery meeting. This phase is spent gathering information such as branding assets, goals, target audience, style preferences, messaging and your history of communicating with your customers. It also gives the graphic designer and client the opportunity to set expectations and timelines.

Our next step is concept development. Here is where we take all of the crucial info we gathered during discovery and create numerous designs that strongly communicate your vision and message. This is also when we ask for client feedback. Always be honest with your designer! Numerous variations because of indecisiveness results in more money. Stay clear about the changes your would like to see and be open to your designers opinion and production will be right around the corner.

Once we have a solid decision on a concept, we begin production. Often times, clients ask to mix and match concepts or request small design tweaks. All revisions will be completed and your insights and needs will be reflected in the final design.

Now for the exciting part, finalizing! The final stage of our design process starts with complete preparation of all necessary files. You will be given everything you need to showcase your project online or print!

We encourage all of our clients to visit us at our office in New Jersey. We have some pretty awesome chocolate bars that we like to give away 🙂 if you can’t make it, no worries! Give us a call and we’ll send you one!

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