Fake News: Print is DEAD!

Don’t let them fool you, print marketing is still alive and thriving and it should be included in your overall marketing plan.

A study done by MediaMax Network found that combining print advertising with digital is far more affective than digital campaigns alone. Brands have the ability to increase awareness when they present messages through combining print and online media. Remember, consistent messaging across multiple channels means more opportunity to touch potential customers.

Still not convinced?

According to research, 56% of customers feel they can trust print marketing more than any other type. Another study shows that 80% of homes actually read though direct mail offers and 56% have made purchases resulting from direct mail offers.

Before you begin your new print campaign, it’s important to consider what the medium offers and the best way to utilize its ability to deliver your message. Brands can create a more personal experience through print marketing. By utilizing color, photos, die cults, folds, textures and other features, you can capture your audience’s attention and in turn, increase their interaction with your brand.

Print is reliable, like waking up to a ridiculous tweet from the President. You can touch it, save it and read it again. This allows a closer connection with the consumer because they must engage with it on a physical level. Actually holding a print piece in your hand is a more physical experience than quickly scrolling past a banner ad on a website.

Your brand identity is important. Its lengthy shelf life, broad reach and ability to engage more than one reader at a time makes print an important factor in your advertising efforts. Studies show that being able to touch and feel something you read can help you remember its message longer than with a digital medium.

Bring your marketing plan back from the dead and add some print.

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