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In the past ten years, everyone hopped on the digital marketing bandwagon. While it allowed some companies to reach new audiences and increase revenue, it also caused an information overload. Consumers are overstimulated, and it has become a challenge for businesses to stand out above the noise.

So, how do you stand out amongst the clutter?

Well, to start, we must ask ourselves: What does my audience want?
Today, consumers are not only searching for the best deal; they want personalized experiences and high-quality products.

Small businesses feel that they don’t have a shot in the market where enterprises sell their own products. However, the truth is they have the advantage. Smaller operations have a better shot at personalization and consistent quality.

To do this: Improve. Your. Strategy.

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Omnichannel Marketing
Omnichannel marketing refers to the multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience.
Small businesses are often intimidated by omnichannel marketing because it requires a presence on all channels, and many don’t have the resources to achieve that. BUT – it can be as simple as aligning your online and offline appearance!

“People shopping through omnichannel marketing spend 50-300%
more than those shopping through traditional systems.”


1. Use the same color scheme on your website, social media pages, print material, and in your brick and mortar stores.

2. If your social media posts are clever, funny, and friendly, you and your employees should behave the same way, online and offline.

3. Product attributions should be clear, honest, and easy to find. They should be consistent across all channels.

4. Your messages should also be aligned across every channel to eliminate confusion.

5. Blurr the lines between your online and offline records. For example, offer a discount to every customer that checks in or posts a picture of your store on their social media. Create QR codes that can be scanned for online deals or access to your app.

Create a cohesive experience that keeps customers coming back!

Content Marketing
Content is no longer just a tool to reach the top of search results. You can no longer write a blog post and stuff it with keywords to see your numbers skyrocket.
The world has changed. Digital Marketing has evolved. Content is King, and its two main components are video and blog.

Video Marketing
Video is here to stay. Any business, small or larger, should incorporate videos in its marketing strategy. Small businesses consider video marketing too expensive or too complicated – but it does NOT have to be!
You can film videos right in your conference room using your smartphone and your computer. Actors are not needed – you and your employees are your actors – consumers prefer authenticity.

Some people are convinced blogs are dead due to content saturation. However, experts stand to disagree –

“68% of marketers state that blogging is more effective now than it was two years ago!”

People are over the same old articles that offer no real, actionable help and resemble every other article in their search results. They do not care about your company updates. Instead, share informative content that is highly specific to your industry and provides real help to your readers.

Think of new and innovative ways to promote your posts. Create videos that cover the main points of your blog post and share them on social media. Offer infographics, audio recordings, or digital catalogs.

Truth is – the online world is cluttered. Especially now when most business is conducted online. Don’t fall behind. To stand out as a small business, you must provide a seamless, memorable experience and offer high-quality products and customer service.

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