Building A Super Bowl Style Brand

‘Free logo design’ and ‘free logo maker’ are the most searched keywords related to the word “logo”. This suggests that too many of us think creating such a crucial brand component can be quick and easy. Somehow, many people think that designing their logo can be as simple as typing “how to design a logo” in Google. Do not make the mistake of thinking that logo design is effortless.

You should view your business logo as fundamental not ornamental. It is featured on more than just a business card or t-shirt. A new logo design should come hand in hand with a new or updated identity. Speaking of identity, this Sunday February 3rd, everyone in the United States will set their channels to give their full blown undivided attention to the Super Bowl. It is now a huge part of the American culture.

In 1967, the Super Bowl was not how we know it to be today. Only about 50 million people watched it. Fast forward to 2019 and it is now the most valuable sports event in the world. The NFL never considered the Super Bowl a ‘brand’, so they didn’t even think about developing a strong identity. Which is why they decided to redesign the Super Bowl logo each year.

The most popular Super Bowl logos are those that incorporate the most iconic elements of the host city. Like the 1994 Georgia Peach and the 1999 visual respresenation of Miami’s art deco architecture.

So, is it more imporant for a brand to be uniform or memorable? The brain takes more time to process language, which means that content should come third in logo importance. A stunning combination of shapes, colors and typography result in a legendary logo. People from all over the world have no difficulty picturing the Disney D or the Google G in their minds. To summarize, your new logo should be meaningful, uniform and memorable. It is impossible to create an effective logo using a free logo maker! Besides the Google G, we have the Green Bay Packers logo. This logo has basically been the same since 1961. Vince Lombardi wanted his G in the shape of a football. John Gordon, a college art student, drew it by hand! The football represented the Packer’s determination to dominate the NFL and that year, they did.

The new Super Bowl logo hits the mark when it come to brand identity. Even if you hate it, you must admit nothing says “football history” better than Vince Lombardi. He coached the Packers to victory in the first two Super Bowls and was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame after his untimely death in 1970. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is named in honor of him. The trophy is the main visual representation of the Super Bowl, which is why in 2010, it was incorporated into the standard logo. The press release stated “ A sports event of this stature needed a consistent, iconic identity—a symbol that fans could immediately recognize, much like the Olympic rings. The Vince Lombardi trophy, bestowed on league champions each year, was the ideal inspiration for a lasting symbol”. The Super Bowl has formed its very own brand, so it makes sense for the logo to represent the sport and the league as a whole. Again, effective logo design is never quick and easy!

A great logo is only one piece of pie in your brand identity. Logo design should not be your first step when building your brand. A professional graphic designer will conduct research on popular trends and target audiences and brainstorm hundreds of ideas before coming to a final choice.

The brands that stand the test of time are the ones with unique identities, like diamonds. They are rock-solid and unchanging. Think about the Nike brand. Loyal Nike customers can actually make the brand their own. People from all walks of life recognize the Nike Swoosh.

Think of your graphic designer as your brand partner. Building your identity takes a mixture of expert knowledge and trustworthy advice. At Falco Design, we have the experience and the dedication to put in the time it takes to build you a solid identity. If you are ready to start working on bringing your brand to life, contact us today!

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