2019 Direct Mail Marketing Trends

As we reflect on what worked in 2018 and what can use some spicing up, we’ve compiled five direct mail marketing trends you need to keep your eyes on for 2019. It is important to ensure your campaigns are prepared for the ever evolving digital world.

In 2018, the general Data Protection Regulation came into play, the direct mail industry sky rocketed with the increasing popularity of “mailshots” as a way for marketers to connect with their audience. “Mailshots” is just a cooler word for direct mail or advertising mail.

In 2018, many businesses came to realize that print is not dead and is an extremely beneficial way to reach your target audience on a more personal level.

Since the beginning of time, direct mail advertising has continued to introduce new strategies and tools to deploy those strategies, making it a favorite among marketers.

So, what should you expect in 2019?

1. Multi-channel Integration

Meaning multi-channel integration with digital campaigns. Direct mail pieces including QR codes or personalized URLs, with a quick scan or visit to a specific landing page, your audience receives a much more personal experience. Multi-channel integration is the future of direct mail marketing. 90% of retailers say is it the key to their success!

2. Get Personal

Personalized direct mail campaigns are extremely effective when looking to tailer each individual experience. Personalizing each piece will increase your response rate by 30%! You won’t see these results sending out a generic postcard to your entire mail list.

3. Keep It Simple

Your goal with a direct mail campaign is to gain new customers and increase sales. Your designs must be professionally created, simple and should draw the eye directly to the offer. Don’t make your customers work too hard!

4. Add An Image

Strong and authentic images that portray your business’s values is a great way to communicate with your audience. They do not lose focus on your written copy and get a feel of who you really are.

5. Remarketing

Last but not least. Utilize your campaign data to create more targeted lists based on response and purchase history. Personalize each piece by incorporating previous purchases or products they might also like.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need to create a successful direct mail campaign, call Falco Design to get started! We are EXPERTS in print and web design and strive for consistency through out.

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